About Our City

We are committed to making Liverpool a strong city through inclusive and sustainable growth, and building a fair city through breaking the cycle of deprivation, improving health and tackling poverty.

The Council Plan outlines how the council aims to make a difference, delivering against eight key strategic themes:

  1. A strong and vibrant and fair economy for all, green and affordable homes
  2. High quality education, skills and employment for all
  3. Happier, healthier and independent lives
  4. Children and young people enjoy the best quality of life and reach their full potential
  5. A sustainable, accessible and greener Liverpool for all
  6. A culturally diverse, internationally ambitious and authentic city for all
  7. Thriving, empowered and compassionate communities for all
  8. A well-run council

This Council Plan sits at the top of the organisation strategic hierarchy, alongside and aligning with:

 i. City Plan – a community strategy developed with Team Liverpool anchor partners, this provides a 20 year strategic vision to address the city’s key challenges.

ii. Strategic Improvement Plan – a three-year programme of activity developed in response to the Best Value inspection report, which aims to improve corporate governance and culture, and address failings in services including highways, property, development, and council companies.

iii. Mayoral Manifesto – sets out Mayor Joanne Anderson’s political priorities, including a commitment to improving corporate governance and culture, and a pledge to assess all decisions via a “triple lock” consideration of the impacts and opportunities in relation to social value, equalities and the climate emergency.

Assurance that these plans are deliverable and affordable will be achieved through an integrated approach to service planning and development of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy (2023/24 – 2025/26). This provides the strategic financial framework for the authority and a forward looking approach to achieving long term sustainability with plans in place to close our funding gaps.

In 2020, government commissioned a ‘best value inspection’ into the council, with a particular focus on its regeneration, highways and property services. In 2021, government appointed a team of Commissioners to oversee the resultant Directions, including the council’s overall improvement plan. Commissioner progress reports have reinforced the need for transformation and to address the challenges the council faces in terms of capacity and capability to drive improvement, particularly in corporate services.